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The 403bCompare Web site is a bank of free objective information about 403(b) vendors and the products they offer.

This site was created to help employees of California's local school districts, community college districts or county offices of education make better-informed investment decisions by offering information about:
403(b) plans, available investment options, fees involved and product performance information.
Registered 403(b) vendors' experience and services for the products supplied.
General retirement planning information and educational materials.

The California State Teachers' Retirement System created and will be responsible for ongoing maintenance of this site, as per the requirements of California Education Code 25100 et seq.
Registered Vendors to Date
58 vendors to date

Registered Products to Date
230 products  to date

Employer Registration

My Employer >
Select your employer and view its approved 403(b) product vendors. If available online, you may also download your employer's salary reduction agreement.

My Compare >
Keep track of products that you are interested in by adding them to "My Compare." You can then perform a side by side comparison of products of the same type.

Product Search >
Look up a specific product by entering its full or partial name in the search box.

Browse Vendors >
Is there a specific 403(b) vendor that you are interested in? If so, browse vendors. You will be able to view vendor profiles which include information on vendor experience, services and a list of their 403(b) products offered in California.

Education >
Browse through a collection of general retirement planning information and educational materials developed by government and regulatory agencies.

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